Versa aerator with pause action - 5.7 l/min


High efficiency  360° pivoting dual action kitchen aerator with pause control.


High efficiency kitchen aerator with pivoting dual action. The aerated, splash-free stream adds force to cleaning. Easily switch from a wide needle spray to a splash-free solid stream with a pull. Pause action reduces the flow to a trickle while maintaining a constant temperature. Features a 360° swivel action for directional spray and convenience.

Technical Details

  • Save 30% more water and energy than conventional products 
  • Flow rate of 5.7 l/min 
  • Non-removable pressure compensator 
  • Consistent flow rate regardless of water pressure 
  • Switch from bubble spray mode to needle spray mode with a twist 
  • Dual-thread brass connection adaptable to male or female faucets 
  • Color: chrome 
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI, ASME A112.18/CSA B125.1 specifications 
  • 10-year warranty




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