Urimat Compactplus


Ecological alternative to water flushing urinals, does not use electricity or water or chemical. It can be easily be installed anywhere. 

Important note

Please note that a volume rebate is available for this product. Please contact Solutions Ecofitt customer service at 1-855-882-0099 ext. 401 for more information.


  • Our plastic bowls are manufactured using much less energy than that required to produce conventional ceramic bowls. Resistant and lightweight they are unbreakable and can be insalled anywhere.
  • This urinal is equipped with a patented siphon drain trap that collects urine and discharges it, without using water, into the drainage system. The system includes a hydrostatic float that seals the insert and prevents bad odors from escaping. All this without sealing liquid or extensive technology.
  • The pore-free surface and the addition of an antibacterial granulate prevent the development of bacteria and bad odours . The patented shape of the bowl guarantees that Urimat is 100% back-splash free, protecting clothing and the environment
  • Use an active cleaner to effectively eliminate soiling, bacteria and odours both around the urinal rim and beyond.
  • Includes advertising message on the compactplus display, window is easily removed to change the advertising message poster

Technical Details

  • Reducing the use of water: from 3.8 l to zero 
  • Reduction in electricity as pump requirement is reduced 
  • Requires no water, no oils, no chemicals 
  • Requires no artificial additives such as sealing liquids or aggressive chemical cleaning agents 
  • Organic vleaning to reduce strain on wastewater 
  • Made from a high-quality polycarbonate blend, can be recycled without difficulty 
  • Damage resistant 
  • Easy to install 
  • Weight: 3,5 kg 
  • Width: 370 mm 
  • Height: 700 mm 
  • No leaking facets to maintain 
  • No urine scale buildup 
  • Reduced odor 
  • Reduced maintenance time 
  • Industry lowest maintenance cost



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