Confidentiality and security

Confidentiality, Protection of Personal Information and security

As part of a purchase on the ecofitt solutions transactional site, you must provide certain information that will be used to identify you and without which we are unable to offer you the service for which you visit the site in question. That is why we are committed to respecting the confidentiality of the personal information we collect.

Collection of Personal Information

We collect the following information:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Postal Adress
  • Postal Code
  • Email Adress
  • Phone number
  • Client Type
  • Residential Status (Owner, Tenant)
  • Dwelling type

The personal information we collect is collected through forms and through the interactivity established between you and our website. We also use, and as indicated in the next section, witness and/or logs to gather information about you.

Forms and interactivity:

Your information is collected through forms, namely:

  • Contact Form
  • Order Form, commonly referred to as Purchase Order Form
  • Interest Form
  • Purchase Form

We use the information collected in this way for the following purposes:

  • Contacts
  • Order Tracking
  • Information/ promotional offers
  • Delivery
  • Statistics

Your information is also collected through the interactivity that may develop between you and our website in the following ways:

  • Statistics
  • Contacts

We use the information thus collected for the following purposes:

  • Correspondence
  • Information / Promotional offer

Log files and Cookies

We collect certain information through log files and cookies. This mainly concerns the following information:

  • Pages visited and queries
  • Time and Day of connexion

We use the information collected in these files for the following purposes:

  • Improving service and offering a personalized welcome
  • Order tracking
  • Information / Promotional offers
  • Sending surveys allowing you to guide us in our offers and services
  • Statistics

Right of opposition and withdrawal

We are committed to offering you the right to oppose and withdraw your personal information. The right of opposition is the possibility offered to the Internet user to refuse that his personal information be used for certain purposes mentioned during the collection.
The right of withdrawal is the possibility offered to the Internet user to request that his personal information no longer appear, for example, in a mailing list.

To exercise these rights, you can contact Solutions Ecofitt:
1380 Joliot-Currie St, local 808, Boucherville, Qc, J4B 7L9
Email :
Phone : 450 646-7272
Website :

Permission to access

We are committed to recognizing a right of access and rectification to the persons concerned wishing to consult, modify, or even delete the information concerning them. The exercise of this right will be done with Solutions Ecofitt:

1380 Joliot-Currie St, local 808, Boucherville, Qc, J4B 7L9

Email :

Phone : 450 6467272



The personal information we collect is kept in a secure environment. People working for Solutions Ecofitt are required to respect the confidentiality of your information. To ensure the security of your personal information, we use the following measures:

  • SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • SET Protocol (Secure Electronic Transaction)
  • Access management - Authorized person
  • Access management - Data subject
  • Network monitoring software
  • Computer backup
  • Login password
  • Firewalls

We are committed to maintaining a high degree of confidentiality by integrating the latest technological innovations to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. However, since no mechanism offers maximum security, a share of risk is always present when using the Internet to transmit personal information.

Automatic exchange of information

For all navigation functions of the Solutions Ecofitt website to be fully functional, your computer and the site server exchange certain information of a technical nature. This information is fragmented and does not identify you.

Cookies are small text files which are downloaded when you visit certain pages of a site and which are saved in the memory of the device you are using. Cookies are used to: update and optimize our informational websites according to your use of them and your needs.

Solutions Ecofitt Website uses the Google Analytics platform for statistical and improvement purposes. The following information is collected using a cookie file:

  • Your IP Adress ;
  • Your internet service provider ;
  • The day and time of the start and end of the visit ;
  • Browser language ;
  • The region or municipality, determined from the IP address ;
  • Browser type and version ;
  • The type and version of the operating system Device ;
  • Type and model (phone, tablet, or computer) ;
  • The previous site visited domain ;
  • The address of the pages visited on the Solutions Ecofitt website ;
  • The origin (banner, email, social network, print publication, advertiser's website) of your visit ;
  • The screen resolution of the device you are using.

This information is accessible toSolutions Écofitt, which may use it to design, improve or market products and services.

This information is collected and stored by Google on servers that may be located outside of Canada. However, this information is not shared with other external parties, except in limited circumstances, in particular for the application of a law or to allow a third party to carry out tasks on behalf of Google (ex. billing or data storage).

If you wish, you can prevent google from collecting data relating to your use of the Solutions Ecofitt website:
Download the add-on for your browser that disables Google Analytics.


We are committed to respect the legislative provisions set out in the Civil Code of Quebec and the Criminal Code of Canada.