Rainfall showerhead Kit

  • Buy 5 kits for $23.50 each.
  • Buy 25 kits for $22.00 each.

Save water and energy without compromising comfort with this efficient kit.


Each kit includes low-flow WaterSense® certified products with a reduced flow rate of 5.7 litres per minute—up to 40% less than standard products. Thanks to their proven performances, these energy-efficient products save water and energy without compromising comfort. This kit includes a Sava rainfall fixed showerhead, an Ecofitt bathroom faucet aerator, an Ecofitt kitchen faucet aerator and leak detector tablets for toilet.  It also includes tape to make sure connections are watertight during installation. To compare the flows of your current products and those of the products in the kit, use the Ecofitt flow meter bag. The instructions to calculate the flow are included on the bag. 

For a limited time offer buy a kit and get an additional faucet aerator for the bathroom for free.





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