Pipe Insulation


Hot water pipes insulation. 

Important note

Please note that a volume rebate is available for this product. Please contact Solutions Ecofitt customer service at 1-855-882-0099 ext. 401 for more information.


  • The Niagara pipe insulation reduces heat loss and saves energy
  • Insulated hot water pipes can raise the water temperature by 1 ° C - 2 ° C. Allows the owner to lower the water heater temperature setting.
  • Reduces the waiting time for hot water from the shower and faucet 
  • Effective for water conservation.

Technical Details

  • Recommended when the pipes are installed in poorly heated spaces
  • May allow up to 10% energy savings
  • Flexible polyethylene insulation and easy to install 
  • Internal diamètre: 1.27 cm (1/2 in) 
  • Wall thickness: 1.27 cm (1/2i in) 
  • Length : 91cm (36 in ) 
  • Temperature Range (min / max): 0 ° F-200 ° F 
  • ASTME 84 1 '' UL 181 25/50 and Articles 11.0a16.0



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