Dual-Thread Bubble Spray aerator - 3.8 l/min


High efficiency dual-thread aerator designed to accomodate both male and female applications. 


The dual-thread pressure compensated bubble spray  Niagara aerator, uses 54 % less water than conventional products. Designed to accomodate both male and female applications. This lead-free aerator provides a powerful spray with a reduced flow rate that minimizes the energy use to warm the water. Furthermore, this tamper proof aerator is supplied with a locking key.

Technical Details

  • Reduce water consumption by 54 % compared to conventional products 
  • Flow rate of 3.8 l/min 
  • Bubble spray 
  • Dual thread designed to accomodate both male and female applications 
  • No visible threads 
  • Consistent flow rate regardless of water pressure 
  • Pressure compensator 
  • ABS thermoplastic poly, lead-safe for water consumption 
  • Color: chrome 
  • 10 years warranty




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