Door and window closed-cell weather-strip


100% PVC soft compression sponge foam weatherstrip for doors and windows. 


  • Niagara’s Door and Window Closed-Cell Foam Weatherstrip is constructed of 100% PVC soft compression sponge foam.
  • This weatherstrip features self-sticking acrylic adhesive for quick and easy application around windows and doors. 
  • Use to help seal out drafts, prevent heat loss and improve energy-efficiency on doors, windows, attic hatches and around air conditioners 
  • Easy to install without special tools; just clean surface, cut to size, peel and stick.

Technical Details

  • Composition: Closed-Cell Foam 
  • Pressure-Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive
  • Product Dimensions: 3/8'' x 3/16'' x 17' 
  • Color: Gray



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