Adjustable toilet Flapper


Stops existing leaks and prevents new leaks. 


A toilet leak can waist up to 9000 l of drinking water per year. Installing the adjustalable flapper will maintain sealing for 5 years. Fits 6 l, 13 l, 19 l and 26 l toilets.

Technical Details

  • Fits 6 l, 13 l, 19 l and 26 l toilets 
  • Save up to 9,5 l per flush for 19 l and 26 l toilet 
  • Virgin PVC material 
  • Stainless steel ball chain, clasp & hook 
  • Installs by hand in seconds, no tools needed 
  • Chlorine and chloramines resistant 
  • Adjustable end cap for maximum flushing power 5 year warranty



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