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Solutions Ecofitt, a Québec company, acts as a supplier of efficient water and energy products. Proud to promote and supply high-end products, Solutions Ecofitt addresses users well-being while encouraging eco-responsible action. 

Its expertise in water and energy conservation, combined with its range of high-performance products have led Solutions Ecofitt to collaborate on solutions that promote sustainable development and respond more specifically to environmental, economic and social needs. Solutions Ecofitt has a proven expertise in planning, developing and managing conservation programs for public utility (electricity, gas, municipal, provincial), social jouse and multidwellings managers, and businesses. 

2013 to 2022: Solutions Ecofitt has been mandated as products and service provider for Hydro-Québec WaterSense® certified Water- and Energy – Saving Products Program.

The company is also dedicated to market and distribute new products and new technologies. Constantly on the lookout, we are always willing to meet potential partners, which, like us, are engaged in innovation, energy efficiency, environment and comfort, one house at a time.

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Québec Water Strategy 2018-2030
Québec Water Strategy 2018-2030

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