4 Outlet Advanced PowerTap - 1080 joules


Provides premium quality, fireproof 1080 joules surge protection for PC and TV peripherals. 


  • Traditional surge suppression products use standard MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor components). The product incorporates advanced TrickleStar surge protection technology. TrickleStar MOV technology is encased in a ceramic casing and is capable of suppressing more energy and dissipating heat faster than traditional MOV's. 
  • More importantly the ceramic casing is fireproof and is capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions. 
  • The product senses when a control device (typically a TV or PC) is On or Off/Standby and then switches On/Off selected Outlets. 
  • Easy to install and requires no software or configuration. Ideal for small TV or PC setups. 
  • Eliminates standby power consumed by PC and TV peripherals

Technical Details

  • Plugs into a standard power receptacle 
  • 4 outlets/1 control outlet/1 always on outlet/2 switched outlets 
  • 72,000 amps/ 1080 joules fireproof, ceramic surge protection 
  • Coax and RJ45 cable protection 
  • Selectable switching thresholds 18W/35W/All On 
  • Simple automation reduces plug-load 
  • LED Status Indication



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